Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Embossing Magic Episode 7: Tips for Embossing on Glass, Metal, & Wood.

I was very productive today and got two videos taped and edited. In this video I share some ideas and tips for heat embossing on different materials, other than card stock. If you are like me, once you become hooked on heat embossing you will find all types of projects and materials to heat emboss.

Just a reminder, as I stated in the video, do not heat emboss plastic. Besides melting it, heating plastic with the heat gun will release toxic fumes. Hope you enjoy the video and I'd love to hear (and see) any ideas you come up with. Post a comment or email a photo and I'll post it here.


Ellen Kemper said...

Very cool - I love the bottles. I will give this a whirl soon!

Thanks for all the tips.

jschuler2000 said...

Wonderful ideas. I have experimented with embossing on tiles and they worked out well too. And just like the bottles, you need to be patient because it takes time for the tile to heat up and melt the embossing powder. I did metallic snowflakes on white tiles as Christmas ornaments.

Joni Kelly said...

Very cool - I've got a bunch of wood beads that I've never wanted to use for the bland color, now I know what I'll be doing with them! TFS!

Conniecrafter said...

some neat ideas, I would like to see if I can stamp images on glass, TFS!